• Lynn Neumann

How does someone write a film review?

Whenever I write a film review, I often try to think of what greater idea the film represents, and whether it changed the way I see the world or the human mind or the act of filmmaking. If I can connect the film to a greater idea, I think it helps to explain what the filmmaker achieved. It’s not enough to say that a film was very exciting, or very entertaining, or very creative, or whatever other observation — you ought to actually demonstrate what it is the filmmaker has achieved with the film.

Because films offer varying ideas and observations, it is sometimes useful to choose a film that affected you in a strong way and focus on that, especially if your review will be short, in which you don’t have enough space to explore many other ideas.

I also try to place the filmmaker in the context of genre and influence, pointing to other filmmakers who have used similar techniques, and explain how they differ from those similar filmmakers. I view every newly released film as a response to the films that have come before, and I strive to look at the conversation a film represents between filmmakers.

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